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I’ve been thinking quite a bit recently about writing and how much I wanted to reboot this site with new content. What was published here was getting to be quite a bit stale. The motivation to really do something about it only came about when a colleague mentioned how they had read something on my site regarding Merkle trees, a post from 2013 or so with some first time Scala code (that probably didn’t compile anymore) that was from the briefest of flirtations with the language back in 2013. … »


My first job with computers was in high school. I was part of a team of students that had been recently trained by the Santa Cruz County Office of Education in web design. We built the first website for our high school and were feeling very accomplished until we tried to post updates to our site only to watch them fail. The SCCOE had a few different people take a look but they were not able to solve the issue. … »