Daniel O'Shea

Sometimes I hear, see, do, eat and/ or think of things that are pretty great.

The system will reboot in 5 seconds...

I’ve been thinking quite a bit recently about writing and how much I wanted to reboot this site with new content. What was published here was getting to be quite a bit stale. The motivation to really do something about it only came about when a colleague mentioned how they had read something on my site regarding Merkle trees, a post from 2013 or so with some first time Scala code (that probably didn’t compile anymore) that was from the briefest of flirtations with the language back in 2013. I vivedly remember that post because I wrote it from a couch in Bend Oregon after hurting my back, so I was a bit limited in terms of what I could do. I had planned to go snowboarding with my brothers and I had even gone so far as to schedule a month of working remote with my employer at the time. Sadly my plans were crushed or perhaps more accurately pulled when I executed a very bad deadlift (wrong form, show-off type stuff) and hurt myself. Instead of being out on the slopes I was on the couch with some code.

I think this time around I will try a few different things, I have a few posts in mind about my favorite restaurants. I would like to be able to point people to a Daniel-recommends section when asked “What restaurants in San Francisco must I try”. Occasionally I’ll post some technical or leadership things if I come across or perhaps more rarely come up with something that I think is interesting, or I will post things that I don’t want to forget about because having to re-deep-google (several searches to eventually find what you are looking) is too annoying.

Thanks for making it this far, and I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I enjoy writing about it.