Favorite Data Structures

During technical interviews for software engineers I used to ask people what their favorite data structure was. If they didn’t have one or hadn’t thought very deeply about data structures since maybe university. I would tell them that mine was the mighty hash table and ask them, if you had to build a hash table from scratch (assume one wasn’t available in the standard library of your choice). They could use any language they wanted or pseudo code if they liked. … »

Daniel Recommends 2019

I have been slowly and some months not so slowly eating my way through the “Michelin Guide”. Of the fifty six rated restaurants (1 - 3 stars) in the bay area I’ve experienced twenty three of them. Here in no particular order are the ones that I would recommend people try if they are able. Commis (Oakland) The slow poached egg in a bed of onion and malt-infused cream is one of the greatest dishes I have had the pleasure of eatting. … »

The system will reboot in 5 seconds...

I’ve been thinking quite a bit recently about writing and how much I wanted to reboot this site with new content. What was published here was getting to be quite a bit stale. The motivation to really do something about it only came about when a colleague mentioned how they had read something on my site regarding Merkle trees, a post from 2013 or so with some first time Scala code (that probably didn’t compile anymore) that was from the briefest of flirtations with the language back in 2013. … »