Daniel O'Shea

Sometimes I hear, see, do, eat and/ or think of things that are pretty great.

Daniel Recommends 2019

I have been slowly and some months not so slowly eating my way through the “Michelin Guide”. Of the fifty six rated restaurants (1 - 3 stars) in the bay area I’ve experienced twenty three of them. Here in no particular order are the ones that I would recommend people try if they are able.

  • Commis (Oakland)

    The slow poached egg in a bed of onion and malt-infused cream is one of the greatest dishes I have had the pleasure of eatting.

  • Al’s Place

    A bit more vegetable forward than I usually like, but I would still recommend it if that’s more your thing.

  • Californios

  • Lazy Bear

  • Saison

  • Benu

  • In Situ

  • Mourad

    This is my favorite restaurant in San Francisco right now. I think the salmon is to die for

  • Rich Table

  • Kin Khao

    My Favorite Thai restaurant, the dishes are not what you will find at other Thai restaurants in the area. You will need a reservation because this is a busy spot.

  • Campton Place

    Michelin starred indian restaurant, note I went when they were a two star, I have not been since they went to a one star.

  • Sons & Daughters

  • Nico

    Very cute modern French restaurant with full bar, let the chef surprise you

  • Quince

    I love this restaurant, the salon is a great option to experience some or all of the menu, and the truffle dinners (White Truffle in December and Black Truffle) are fantastic. Michael the bar chef is great he upped the acid in the orange juice for me to make my blood and sand more authentic to the original 1920’s recipe and the tea program is very much worth trying. I went to Quince five times in one year I love it that much, and if given the option to have a course in the kitchen I highly recommend it.

  • Keiko a Nob Nill

    I didn’t love it, a bit too classic for me, I usually prefer more modern decor but the espresso reduction on the steak was pretty magical, so I will keep them on the list.

  • Ju-ni

    Go for the sushi and make sure to leave room for the A5 Wagyu supplement a the end. A very intimate environment with only twelve seats and each group of four serviced by a chef. I was lucky enough to have Chef/ Owner Geoffrey Lee for my group, truly wonderful modern sushi.

  • The Progress

    Al a carte menu and lots of vegetarian options.

  • State Bird Provisions

    Dim Sum in a fun fairly casual environment, you can bring kids here. I recommend trying everything

  • Octavia

  • SPQR

  • Gary Danko

    A San Francisco institution, top notch service and you build the meal any way you want, if you want 5 desserts no problem.

  • Spruce

    Get the burger!

  • The French Laundry

    Basically foodie heaven in the US, if you are a budding or card carrying epicurean you have to venture here at least once.